An evening of wind, rain and enchanting Sufi music

Six empty chairs, strong incandescent stage lights and a certain sense of calm in the air; enter Nooran and company. On that breezy evening with the moon playing catch-me-if-you-can with the clouds, Nooran and company enthralled audiences with their music. The six-member team, all dressed in white, dished out tunes and songs one after the other. The wind and occasional drizzle provided the perfect backdrop for this Sufi fusion music. Sanama, or lover in Persian was a conglomerate of songs in Persian, English and Hindi.

The evening began with Your eyes, a song written by Nooran. Rumi's poems, Sanama and Rain were brought to life, where he speaks of his desire to become one with his God. Nooran says, “Sufi music is a way of getting closer to God and your inner self. It brings joy and a great sense of satisfaction.” Nooran's brainchild, the evening saw all the musicians get together to present a Sufi music concert.

The group of musicians covered great classics like, Imagine by John Lennon, andNo easy way out by Robert Tepper. One of the highlights of the evening was the eclectic choice of instruments in both usage and presentation and the way they worked in tandem. Nooran provided the lead vocals and guitar (acoustic) with a supportive bass guitarby Rahul Kashyap. Midway, Sanaz worked on the Toofan, an Iranian instrument that quite literally emanates the sound of a brewing storm. Hediye Tayebi on the Daf, provided an excellent musical rhetoric. Nooran's voice evokes passion and emotion, while the choral support by Sanaz was like a beautiful yet melancholic addition to the music.

The dynamic bunch of musicians comprised Nooran and his wifeSanaz Tajsanjarani, both students of Theatre Arts and Rahul , is doing a masters course in Physics, all at the Hyderabad Central University. Shishir works at Infosys. The evening ended with the troupe rendering a light and hearty Give me some sunshine from the popular movie, 3 Idiots.