Add drama to your outfit with a perfect piece of jewellery.

The Cannes Red Carpet this year was quite sparking — and we not talking about the stars, but their bling. Yes, we’re still referencing Cannes for style trends as there are lots of notes to be taken there.

First point being, jewellery is not just for weddings and other social events. With the range and variety available now, jewellery can glam-up any couture gown too. Noticed how Sonam Kapoor added Indian-ness and wowed with her kundan polki choker necklace with pearl drops. That’s still traditional, you say? Okay, then how about Cheryl Cole’s black and white diamond earrings that gave her monochromatic black dress a glamorous shot of glitter.

Meanwhile Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan made her famous red carpet appearance in a gold Roberto Cavalli gown with a subtle hint of jewellery — plain gold bangle and a complementary cocktail ring.

The moral of the story is that don’t relegate jewellery into the “asset” or “investment” category. If you make smart choices while buying, you can actually wear them to a party or a corporate dinner.

• Go colourful Colour of jewellery is no more defined by the metal — gold, antique gold, white gold, silver or platinum. Enamel finishes, coloured precious and semi-precious stones add to the versatility and trendiness of a piece. Multi-coloured pieces can be paired with a monochromatic dress, or one bold-coloured piece can balance a printed dress.

• Subtlety Nothing says classy like a hint of diamond on your overall look. Again, taking a cue from the Cannes red carpet, Sofia Coppola make a casual but chic look appearance in a Michael Kors indigo silver studded dress paired with just a diamond bracelet.

• Make a statement You can literary wear your heart out with pendants that speak for you. Nature lover, flower power, animal or peace advocate? Say what you want with pendants that do the talking.

Assymetrical Stores have shelves that are dedicated to jewellery that do not confirm to our idea of “proper design”. Neck pieces that don't have uniform pattern; a pair of earrings that do not exactly match; rings that are not round… don’t dismiss them, embrace them!

Manju Kothari, creative director of Entice, a luxury jewellery brand, tells us why travelling does not mean leaving your jewellery behind.

You may be tempted to empty your closet into your luggage when you’re packing. But it’s better to lighten the load with the right mix.

A perfect piece of jewellery can give you a different look each day.

• Make a statement of an active, urban and elegant woman who loves to travel with a chic white gold bracelet that brings out the ‘wanderlust’ in you.

• Ever-brilliant solitaire ear studs can effortlessly transform the look.

• One can also choose floral diamond rings that ooze femininity.

• Wear and carry also smaller pieces of jewellery, which you don’t have to change or take off to avoid any mishandling.