Plan a real witty surprise for your special friend

Is your girlfriend an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan and you are still wondering how to impress her this Valentine's Day? Have some money and time and with just a few hours of training, you can walk and talk like King Khan and surprise your friend by singing ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' on February 14. Unbelievable? Meet Harshvardhan Khemani of Oye Happy who promises to make all your romantic ideas come true. Harshvardhan specialises in the art of surprising and strongly believes, there is nothing thrilling than receiving a good surprise. Log on to ‘' and a world of surprises open in front of you.

Now isn't running a one-stop crazy website slightly slumberous for a youngster? Harshvardhan laughs and says, “Last year I made a list of things I can do as a career based on my likes and dislikes. I enjoy reading, adventure and sports. I also love playing pranks and planning surprises for my friends. I just took a decision of making a career out of surprises. ” Oye Happy with its ‘full of hyper people, who love chocolates' was started in June last year and has made moments memorable for its 60 clients in Hyderabad and Bengaluru till now.

Arthi, a chartered accountant from Bengaluru can't stop smiling thinking about the ‘pani puri' day she celebrated in her office. Her friend knew about her love for pani puris and decided to do something special on her birthday. “I went out with my colleague and when I came back I was shocked to see the scene outside my office. A happy birthday message and packets and packets of pani puris arranged neatly with its accompaniments. In the mid-afternoon, I happily snacked on the pani puris and even got my bunch of friends from office to enjoy it,” she smiles.

“These small gestures give people a lifetime of happiness,” says Harshvardhan. But don't the ideas look little filmy? “The ideas are based on the person who is planning the surprise. If he/she is quite romantic and wants to say things loudly, we plan the things for him/her. And, what is wrong in being filmy?” he asks.

Be it planning a Cinderella date, an airport surprise, a ‘Dostana' style (based on the movie Dostana) or a quiet dinner with candles, roses, wine and music… Oye Happy can plan all these surprises for you for a price. The packages start from Rs. 2500 onwards and they are not just for the romantic couple. The surprises can be planned for anniversaries, birthdays or any special occasion. “We even had employees planning a surprise for their employer,” says Harshvardhan.


A romance uncorkedFebruary 8, 2010