The special summer menu at Bonsai restaurant isn’t biased in favour of the non-vegetarian crowd

After welcoming summers with the Mango Food Festival, Bonsai restaurant located at Connaught Place, right in the heart of Delhi , is ready with its special summer menu. It’s a 98 cover restaurant with one of the best al fresco arrangements in the vicinity. The menu has on offer seven dishes each in the vegetarian as well as in the non-vegetarian section. It’s a well-balanced menu with options of different kinds of meat. It offers a good mix of prawns, fish, chicken and my all-time favourite lamb. There is Indian as well as Oriental cuisine.

I started my meal with a lamb delicacy kakuri kabab, which wasn’t so impressive as it lacked a bit on succulence but it was well seasoned. It tasted well with the mint chutney and sliced onions. Reshmi kabab was a notch higher in terms of tenderness.Combination of grilled chicken thigh in mushroom sauce was experimental and novel but nonetheless tasty and filling. Fish seekh kabab was perfectly seasoned and tasted well with the accompaniments. Grilled jumbo prawn in lemon butter sauce was a sheer delight. Ten on ten for its presentation. I noticed a couple of ladies sitting next to my table trying to have a glimpse of my jumbo prawn. Grilled to perfection with a shining glaze on the outer shell made it look even more tempting. The moment I pricked it with my fork in the prawn lemon juice and butter sauce oozed out of it. It had the perfect tinge of lemon and thickness of butter sauce.

But the absolute winner was the lobster thormidor. I would say it’s a must try for a seafood lover. The vegetarian section was even more competitive. Paneer galafi seekh kabab was tender and had the aroma of having been grilled on charcoal. Chef’s expertise clearly comes through in the grilled vegetarian skewers and grilled Asian veggies in spicy Thai sauce. Vegetable teriyaki was a bit tangy and sweet as well. Veg shami kabab and hariyali seekh kabab had a nice blend of vegetables seasoned to perfection in e Indian spices. Dahi ke kabab, a delicacy which is found in every Indian restaurant nowadays, was quite succulent. It’s a delicacy made by hung curd and Indian spices enjoyed best with the traditional mint chutney.

(Meal for two costs Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200 at Bonsai in

Connaught Place, New Delhi)

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