Head to Chicco for a mindboggling variety of international kiddie products including Italian designer wear

If you think that fashion is not for new born babies, think again. Chicco (pronounced Kee-koo), offers a wide range of Italian designer wear, “specially designed for infants by Italian designers,” says Shahana Hameed, the brand manager.

The store caters to babies aged between zero and 36 months, but, “We also have products for children aged up to six years, though our focus is the infant age,” explains Shahana.

At this store, you will find plenty of clothes from a teeny weenie designer frock with tiny pretty flowers for Rs. 700, to skirts, bloomers etc. Besides this there are loads of clothes in pinks and reds for girls. The clothes look so cute and you can see the effort of the designer, but the only thought that comes to your mind is that the child will outgrow it in a matter of weeks!

There are also clothes for boys, which include shirts, jackets and jeans etc., but Shahana says that girlswear is very popular with Chicco customers. The store also offers a range of organic wear for infants.

There are also designer shoes that start at Rs. 900. “Our shoes are expensive because they come with soles that offer acupressure and a flex zone, which makes the shoe bend as per the baby's movement, whether he is crawling or walking. Babies have flat feet and such shoes do not cause any strain on his/her feet,” explains Shahana.

Then there are the car seats. “They are optional here, but in Europe they are mandatory. We have a range that can be fixed to the car or even carried around with you,” says Shahana. There are car seats in various sizes and designs that start at Rs. 7,999. For the older children there are car booster seats, which can be fixed to the car seat and lifts the baby up so he can be fitted into the seat belt. Then there are strollers that start at Rs. 4,000 for an ordinary one.

But if you want one that can turn a 360 degrees and bend at any angle, then there's one for Rs. 36,000. “This is a new design and is called the ‘I-Move' range,” adds Shahana.

There are also nursing products with breast pumps, breast pads and anti-stretch mark creams for new mothers, baby toiletries such as soaps (Rs. 69), creams, shampoo (Rs. 199) and baby lotion etc., anti-suffocating pillows, and bottle sterilizers.

Amidst all this, what catches your eye is the infant food-processor. “This one comes with a non-metal blade and can mince, or steam the baby's food; it's air-tight and is effective in avoiding colic in infants.” This one comes with a recipe book for Rs. 7,999.

If you are looking for bikes for your little boy or even a baby gym set (Rs. 1,999), now you know where to head. The store offers a wide range of toys that includes stuffed soft toys, to rattles, to remote-operated ones. If you are willing to spend and are looking for something of an international standard for your little one, then Chicco is your destination.

The store is at No. 618, 12th Main, 80ft Road, Indiranagar. It can be contacted on 42250269.

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