The press is usually called the fourth estate, but what about blogs? Shall we call them the fifth estate? The anonymity of the internet and the ease of the keyboard lends a voice to the voiceless and in that lies the very essence of an internet revolution. Politics and world affairs aside, blogs provide a sense of the ‘common’ manis, of course the common man with the internet connection. Watch this space every fortnight to get a taste of the blogosphere.

Heartranjan, as he is known in the blogosphere writes upon a plethora of things; like you and I, he has an opinion on most things and he uses witty dialogues and lines to get his point across. At the very least, you could say that Heartranjan is a witty writer, his header has a fictional comment from V. S. Naipaul, “This blog is marginally better than picking one’s own nose’. One of his latest posts was in reference to the Delhi rape; he wrote a satirical piece on the many kinds of rapes that happen in India linking to various articles, some of which were ridiculous. Like Barney of How I Met Your Mother, Heartranjan otherwise known as Hriday has number of theories; take for example, his post on Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan speaks of the ‘guitar trick’. He speaks of how many films show the protagonist holding a guitar to appease the masses. Heartranjan’s blog isn’t the best, but it has moments of glory. His piece called, ‘The curious case of Uday Chopra’ is rather hilarious. Hriday Ranjan is a former journalism student of the Hyderabad Central University and is currently teaching English in a school in Kurnool.

Who: Hriday Ranjan

What: His writing is mostly satirical and ranges from politics to entertainment


Quick read: Hriday Ranjan removes all mystery about buffaloes in his post titled, “An ode to the Buffalo” “Cows are not like that. Sometimes they are calm and peaceful, but at other times, they are moody. Same with the bulls too. Years and years spent with Shiva hasn’t yet taught them to chill out. Buffaloes? They are Rastafarians, them lot. Drifting along in a dream state between reality and consciousness, buffaloes give the phrase ‘chilling out’ a different meaning altogether. You will never see an aggressive buffalo in the history of mankind. Except of course, Mahishasura, the Buffalo Demon who was killed by Durga, bringing disrepute to his otherwise noble and affable brethren.”