Easter at Eureka Springs is an experience in itself

Eureka Springs in Arkansas in the United States is a place of intoxicating scenic beauty. It's in fact called the ‘Little Switzerland of America'. It is situated 2000 ft above sea level in the beautiful Ozarks on the top of pine-strewn mountains in North-western Arkansas.

For many decades, Eureka Springs has been a very popular tourism centre at Easter time and all through Lent. With its extremely serene and idyllic setting, Eureka Springs serves as an ideal venue for the celebration of “ the Resurrection of Jesus” Easter.

The sight of the celebration of Christ's Resurrection, Eureka Springs, is nature's amphitheatre. Replicas of the Resurrection of Jesus and of His Passion like the Thorn Crown chapel, and an outdoor Way of the Cross beside a Catholic Church on one of the mountain peaks, crest the place with a halo of the transcendent. When one looks around from Eureka Springs, the vision is filled with an enchanting view of mountains, valleys, woods, lakes and little townships.

Added to all its marvels of Nature, Eureka Springs has a predominant spiritual profile, in fact a halo about it. A statue of Risen Jesus, is installed on Magnetic Mountain in the Eureka Springs. Here Jesus is called the “Christ of the Ozarks”. The statue on Magnetic Mountain weighs two million pounds. It is 70 ft high with out-stretched arms spanning 64 ft. The statue provides the most towering presence of Christ overlooking the entire mountainous region in and around the Eureka Springs. Two other statues — one the statue of the Christ of the Andes in Argentina and the other the tall pure white statue of ‘Jesua' overlooking the sea in Rio De Janeiro

For the thousands of tourists, Eureka Springs has attractive hotels, motels, bath houses, public library and auditorium and exquisite churches. “The Spa of the Ozarks”, Eureka Springs has 63 springs within the town limit and the water here has a high degree of purity, as if providing the Scriptural fountains of living water. The famous White River and the Beaver lake and Dam are close by. The place is a tourist resort especially for those who are “in pursuit of health and renewed youth” On top of all these attractions, a visitor to Eureka Springs cannot miss the soul-soothing presence of the Risen Jesus.