With the recent incident in Delhi leaving everyone numb, Hyderabadis choose quiet family gatherings over large parties to welcome the New Year, says Prabalika M. Borah

So the world didn’t end and left us with scope to make merry and party into the New Year. Did I mention party? Then where is all the noise? There are no ‘hot’ posters of ‘Mumbai hostesses’ to heat up the celebrations and we are yet to hear about celebrity DeeJays dashing into town to spin a few tracks and make the crowd scream for more. Also missing in action are loud announcements of open-air dos with multiple dance floors and likes. Is this going to be a thanda New Year’s eve?

This year, Hyderabadis are choosing to be less loud with the New Year Eve celebrations and are planning on personalised get-togethers. “It’s really vague to be dancing and cheering with a large a crowd where we don’t know most of the people. Also I don’t need a big gathering to ring in the New Year. Those who matter to me are my family and friends and I will be with them,” says Meher Mehdi an engineer in Gurgaon who is in town to spend time with his family.

Staying indoors or with family and friends is a popular choice for many reasons. Most do not want to be stuck in the midnight traffic and say it is best to design your own party. “It might not be a grand one with a DJ. But with friends around who wants music? It will be a nice night to chat the night away and bring in the New Year with cheers and laughter,” says Urvashi Dev, a marketing professional.

The idea of private get-together occurred to Urvashi when she was attending an after-hours at a friends and found that gathering more eventful then the clubbing session which she attended before heading for her friend’s place, “We didn’t need a DJ to make us dance, we didn’t want a bar tender, we helped ourselves and it turned out that I had more fun then I did outside. Company does matter,” she says. Voicing similar thoughts, Karan Bhangay, CEO of Juke box who recently conducted a luxury expo in the city says, “I don’t want to a year with strangers. I am doing a house party and it will be a party of friends and family. A very personal one.” And with the Police department being strict about enforcing many rules to ensure the safety of people, it is but natural for everyone to be responsible and not land themselves in any trouble.

This, despite hotels offering chauffeur services to their guests to prevent drunken driving.

While safety is the main issue during such revelry, there are some who decided to call off their party plans as a mark of respect to the young Delhi girl who lost her life.

Here’s how to be smart host

Prepare a guest list and a list of things to do before the party.

Make a list of what you need to shop for, and what you can source from your pantry.

Clean your house a day before or on the day of the party.

Make sure that your restrooms are stocked with enough soap, toilet paper, hand towels and the kitchen trashcan is emptied out for guests.

Decide the party menu in advance and see if you can rope in some master chef friends to do the cooking.

Try and limit the menu to light snacks.

Stick to your signature favourite.

Serve a dish that is easy to prepare, so you'll have more time to spend with your guests instead of in the kitchen.

Games!!! Some games will never go out of fashion and some just ought to be there because it’s New Year.

Save the best for the last. Close to midnight organise fireworks on your terrace.