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My scalp is oily. I took dandruff treatment, which helped. The beautician suggested shampoo and conditioner, but on using these, the dandruff returned. What should I do? — Prajatha

A conditioner can block the pores of an oily scalp and lead to dandruff. So, avoid using it for some time. For dandruff, apply a non-oily herbal hair tonic on the scalp daily, using cotton wool and leave it on. Avoid having a massage. Part the hair into sections and apply it on the scalp. Wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo three or four times a week, using less shampoo and rinsing it off well with water. Half an hour before a shampoo wash, lightly massage two tablespoons of vinegar on the scalp. Once a week, heat olive oil and apply it on the scalp at night. Leave it on overnight. The next morning, apply the vinegar as advised, half an hour before a shampoo wash. Include fresh fruits, salads, sprouts and yogurt in your daily diet. Drink six to eight glasses of water daily. Add the juice of a lemon to a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.

I have long and silky hair. But it gets tangled easily. Please suggest remedies. Also tell me the correct way of massaging my scalp. — Rayeesa

Use a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles. Start from the ends and work upwards towards the roots. Applying a few drops of conditioner or serum can help get rid of tangles. Apply a leave-in conditioner or hair serum, especially on the ends of the hair, to help prevent tangles. To massage the scalp, apply oil, and then using the fingers, move the scalp using small circular movements. This helps stimulate the follicles and improves blood circulation to the scalp. Avoid rubbing.

I have frizzy and curly hair. I like the curls, but want to get rid of the frizz. — Samyukta

Pour two drops of a light vegetable oil like sunflower oil on your palms and rub your palms lightly together, so that the oil spreads on both palms. Smooth your palms on your hair. Or, take the ends of the hair in your palms and scrunch them. This works better on dry hair. Leave the oil on. Or, mix some water with a creamy hair conditioner and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your hair. Then comb your hair, so that it spreads throughout the hair. Have a deep conditioning treatment once a week, before a shampoo wash. Mix together one egg, one tablespoon of castor oil, the juice of a lemon, and one teaspoon of pure glycerine or honey. Apply it on the hair, put on a plastic shower cap and keep it on for an hour. Avoid washing your hair with hot water. After a shampoo wash, wrap a towel around your head and let it soak up water. Avoid rubbing.