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Updated: December 23, 2012 18:53 IST

Ask Shahnaz

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Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

Beautician Shahnaz Husain offers tips and answers queries. Send your queries to

I have been diagnosed with a mild form of rosacea. Homeopathy has helped, so can I continue with it? Can I use malai and oatmeal?Rashmi

In rosacea, the skin appears flushed and eruptions may occur. Sun exposure, changes in weather, very hot or very cold drinks and spicy food are known to aggravate the condition. Rosacea typically causes inflammation of the skin of the face, particularly the forehead, cheeks and nose. Avoid scrubs and grainy face masks. Use a mild cleanser that can be washed off easily and a rose-based skin tonic or rose water. Apply a sunscreen before going out in the sun. Apply soothing packs for sensitive skin. If homeopathy has helped, you may continue with it. If the skin is oily, avoid malai. If you apply oatmeal, wash it off before it dries. Oats is more suited to oily skin. Stress is known to aggravate the condition. So, do some deep breathing or relaxation exercises.

My skin is dry and sensitive. I used a natural fruit face pack with milk for 25 days but now my face has lots of pimples.Sharmila

The dryness may be superficial, because pimples usually occur on oily skin, when the pores get clogged with oil. The fat in the milk may have clogged the pores, or the pimples may be an allergic reaction. Check with a dermatologist first. Mix a little rose water with sandalwood paste and apply it on your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Or, boil neem leaves over a low fire. Cool and strain the liquid. Make a paste of the leaves and apply it daily on your face. Wash it off with water after half an hour. Mix multani mitti with rose water into a paste and apply it on your face twice a week. Wash it off after it dries.

I want to grow my nails but they keep breaking. What should I do to have long strong nails?Keerthana

Diet is important for nail growth. Include adequate protein and calcium in your diet from sources such as skimmed milk, yoghurt, beans, dal, cottage cheese, fish and sprouts. Dissolve one teaspoon of gelatine in a little boiling water. Cool the water and add it to fruit juice. Drink this daily for ten days. Wear rubber gloves while doing your washing chores. Massage cream on your hands, nails and cuticles after using detergents and soaps.


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