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Ask Shahnaz

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Shahzzn Padamsee
Shahzzn Padamsee

Beautician Shahnaz Husain offers tips and answers queries. Send your queries to

I had fine hair growing on my cheeks and used a razor to remove it. Now my cheeks have become rough. Suggest a remedy.Pooja

Shaving makes facial hair growth thicker and coarser. Have threading or waxing done at a beauty salon. Home remedies do not remove facial hair, but help lessen the growth over a period of time. Try the following remedies to discourage facial hair growth. Make a thick paste of sugar, lemon juice and water and apply it in the direction of the growth. Wash it off after it dries. Apply it once or twice a week. Apply a paste of turmeric powder and milk and rub this on the skin with a circular motion. It is said to discourage facial hair, but may leave a slightly yellowish colour on the skin.

I have curly hair, but it is thinning. I have dandruff too.Ariba

Dandruff can lead to hair loss. Apply a non-oily herbal hair tonic daily on the scalp and leave it in. Wash your hair with a mild herbal shampoo three or four times a week, using very little shampoo and taking care to rinse it off well. Half an hour before a shampoo wash, lightly massage your scalp with two tablespoons of vinegar. Once a week, heat olive oil or sesame seed oil and apply it on your scalp at night. Leave it on overnight. The following morning, apply the vinegar as advised half an hour before a shampoo wash. Include fresh fruits, salads, sprouts and yoghurt in your daily diet. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Add the juice of a lemon to a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.

My lips are dark and dry. Suggest remedies.Krithika

The skin on the lips is delicate. After washing your face, when your lips are wet, rub them gently with a soft towel. This helps remove dead skin. Then apply cream of milk and leave it on for an hour. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the cream before application. Apply pure almond oil daily on your lips at night and leave it on overnight. You can also apply a lip balm with sunscreen. Change your brand of lipstick, because the perfume in some lipsticks can cause darkness as a reaction to sun exposure.

How should saffron be used on the face?Suman

Soak a few strands of saffron in milk for an hour. Then apply the milk on your face, using cotton wool. You can also mix multani mitti with the milk to make a face mask. Alternatively, soak a few strands of saffron in rose water and use it to tone the skin daily. It will help make your skin glow.

I have black marks on my face and oily skin. Can I use a creamy moisturiser? Suggest a suitable moisturiser and what I should do for a fair complexion. — Vidhya

Creamy moisturiser should not be used on oily skin. It will clog the pores, leading to pimples and marks. For oily skin, after cleansing it, apply an astringent lotion, using cotton wool. Mix multani mitti with rose water and lemon juice into a paste and apply it on your face, avoiding the lips and the area around your eyes. Wash it off after it dries. It will reduce oiliness and lighten the colour of your skin. Mix rice powder with curd and use it as a facial scrub twice a week. Apply it on your face, rubbing the skin gently with tiny circular movements, especially the area with dark spots. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off. Do not apply the scrub on pimples. If the skin feels dry, mix one teaspoon of pure glycerine with 100 ml of rose water. Store it in an airtight bottle in the refrigerator. Apply a little of this lotion on your face and arms to relieve dryness.

My feet are dry and dark.Yasodha

Rub lemon halves on your feet. Wash it off and then massage your skin with sesame seed oil daily. After bath, while the skin is still damp, apply cream. This helps seal in moisture. Make a paste of gram flour, curd, lemon juice and a little turmeric. Apply the paste on these areas at least three times a week. Wash it off after half an hour. You can also apply a cream containing lemon and turmeric daily.


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