USP: Chill zone

In these days of increasing work pressure, doing nothing has become a human necessity. And Lazy Gaze, a cosy hideout tucked away in the town of Aluva, provides exactly that ambience.

Located on the banks of River Periyar, this is a clean, affordable place. There are just two independent rooms, a spacious common space, manicured lawns and, of course, the river flowing right in front of you.

The rooms are well-ventilated and neatly furnished, and there's a kitchenette for those who find cooking a great way to get back in the groove after lazing around.

There is no in-house cook; however, Lazy Gaze has an arrangement with a few good restaurants from where guests can order food. Once you plonk on the bed,you gradually begin to soak in the silence and beauty of the place.

Through the French windows, gaze lazily at the river gliding along, the occasional boatman … anything that catches your eye. The chugging of a train on the faraway bridge echoes noisily, sometimes jolting you from this reverie.

There are no ‘must-do things' here. The whole place has been structured to provide absolute relaxation.

Of course, for those who still need to be on their legs, a drive to nearby Kodanad, the elephant training camp, Cherai Beach or the historic village of Chendamangalam are good outings.

The promoters also have a tie-up with a couple of boatmen who can ferry you along the river.


TiemoutMarch 19, 2010