The old meets the new as city offers options for festive buys

Assam’s cane and bamboo furniture and fresh-smelling sitalpatti grass mats. Exquisitely painted and miniaturised Pichwai silk wall paintings from Rajasthan. Tripura’s bamboo screens woven as fine as lace, brass-embossed furniture items from Jaipur, and papier-mâché art from Kolkata. Trendy jute handbags and wall hangings from Chennai and textiles and silks from all over the country.

Three exhibitions currently on in the city offer a bonanza of innovative and traditional decorative and lifestyle statements. Take your pick as festive wear and personalised gifts.

Pretty terracotta Deepavali lights beckon at Dastkar Mela, along with the Pichwais in shades of banana green, brass embossed ‘jharokhas’, terracotta Buddha heads mounted on fibre and clay Durga wall pieces.

Peppy colours

Painted in bright orange and yellow, they bring fresh perspectives to terracotta art, while the Odisha artisan’s nuanced palm leaf wall-hangings and dhokraware are arty expressions.

Craft Bazaar organised by Purbashree has a compelling choice of cane and bamboo furniture and artefacts.

Choose from a three-piece jail cane sofa set, attractive cane and bamboo moorhas or designer laundry bags. Manipur’s textiles as well as Assam’s eri and muga silk saris and fabric are on offer. The products reflect traditional designs brought into contemporary frames.

Srivari’s Jute Exhibition is all about celebrating jute. Embroidered jute wall art, embellished footwear and striking jewellery pieces, a range of block-printed, embroidered and sequined party bags and shopping bags, ‘jholas’ laptop and executive bags as well as ‘tambool’ bags, files and office organisers make the exhibition an eco-friendly jute experience.

(The Jute Exhibition is on at Srivari, No. 31, Millers Road, Kilpauk; Dastkar Mela at Sri Sankara Hall, T.T.K. Road; and Craft Bazaar at Valluvarkottam, Kodambakkam High Road. The exhibitions end on October 31)