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Fasting, feasting

Two culinary experts, Ummi Abdullah and Abida Rasheed, recount the memories and traditions that mark the Ramadan nombu-thura »

Play of WORDS

As the teams battle it out in Brazil, football fans of Kozhikode indulge in a war of words through flex boards Mind-boggling ha...»

I am... Usha Nandini — Auto rickshaw driver

“The auto rickshaw has been my livelihood for the past 21 years. I was among the first batch of women auto rickshaw drivers in Kozhikode...»

In experimental mode

Mollywood is breaking the rules to come up with winners and some duds too. But new themes and captivating narratives have given Malayalam ci »

Beyond boundaries

The workshops on Koodiyattam and Mohiniyattam at SPICMACAY’S 2nd International Convention reiterated that appreciation of art knows no bound »

What’s inside: Malayalam books

In sync with nature A book on the Western Ghats and its rich biological diversity, covering the flora and fauna and intersperse...»

An eye on the bird

Passionate amateurs keep watch on birds in Kozhikode city »

I am... Shanoj K.T. - designer on buses

“I have no training in this job. But even as a child I was interested in drawing and that continued through my growing u...»

It takes a village

A look at life in Niravu, a resident’s association in Vengeri, that swears by its organic produce »

I am... Bindu Manoj - Karate practitioner

“Karate, to me, is my confidence. My association with karate began very late, in 2002. I was into my late 20s and had given birth to two...»

Cup on the platter

A few restaurants in Kozhikode are putting together World Cup special menu »

Rocking Kozhikode since the 80s

A look at the bands that rocked Kozhikode in the 1980s and 90s »

An Ambassador of India

Amby owners have mixed feelings about the sturdy, dependable automobile that was so much a part of their family »

I am... Radhika M, Kalaripayattu Instructor

“I come from a family actively into Kalaripayattu, so my lessons began early. My father, Swami Gurukkal of the Hindustan Kalari Sangam,...»

The birth of a royal barge

Craftsmen are giving finishing touches to one of the largest urus to sail out of Beypore »

I am... E. Velayudhan - Studio Photographer

“I started working in a studio in 1961 after I finished my 8th grade. I had failed my 8th grade and joined the school in...»

Wheels of change

The modest bicycle is a growing presence in Kozhikode »

I am... Devi N.P: Anganwadi Teacher

“I have been an anganwadi teacher for the past 36 years and was set to retire this year but the retirement age was raise...»

Lure of the old

Acquiring antique artefact and furniture is a new pastime for many residents in Kozhikode »

I am… V. P. Manoharan – Sculptor and artist

“The sculpture of the mermaid in the garden and Galileo in the science gallery; the busts of Aryabhatta, Aristotle and Copernicus; and t...»

Soothing the spirit

When the body battles illness, it is the mind actor Mamta Mohandas seeks to keep disease-free »

A slice of Italy

This staple Sicilian recipe of rice balls blends cooked rice, cheese, olives. Bread crumbs assure a crackling exterior to the arancini....»

I am... Shilpa C. – Yoga instructor

“My association with yoga was a coincidence. My mother had some health issues and I began to attend yoga classes at the Satyananda Yoga...»

Beach bounty

Kozhikode and Kappad may be crowd pullers, but there are other beaches close by rich in history and beauty »

I am... K. Pratap Paul - Choir conductor

“I am not a conventionally trained conductor. A western classical conductor is supposed to know five to six European languages and study...»

Pep it up with paneer

This North Indian recipe accompanies breads and rice well. A wholesome dish, here stuffed paneer is soaked in a gravy of onion...»

Child star

Sanoop Santhosh, the Best Child Artiste at the State Film Awards, wants academics and films to go together »

I am... Rajani Bai T.K. - Touring librarian with Aikya Kerala Library

“I started working in 2007, the year the scheme for distributing books to women in the neighbourhood was introduced. I had done odd jobs...»

Keep it simple

Try this chicken Chinese dish. »

A leap into tradition

Options may be many. But kalaripayattu is finding a place among summer classes »


Films are the key to realising himself, director-writer Anil Radhakrishnan Menon tells P. Anima »

I am… M. Abeeb - Senior Gate Keeper

The biggest risk in the job is the possibility of accidents. But gate keepers like us are adequately trained to face such a possibility »

Festive thoughts

The new beginning is here. After the election heat, Malayalis are slowly turning their attention to a pleasant New Year. For the Malayal...»

Flavours aplenty

The well-known Mulligatawny soup comes in a curry avatar here. An army of spices goes into the gravy and that’s what makes the dish spec...»

Toon and Merry

Nothing beats the unadulterated fun cartoons offer, say adults hooked to toons »

Many moods of South Beach

Once the unglamorous face of the Kozhikode beach, South Beach, over the years, has grown to be a beauty. It’s long, paved walkway with ornam »

I am… Anandam Das, Swimming coach

A weekly column on the men and women who make Kozhikode what it is »

I am…Reji Jose, Ambulance driver

“I have been an ambulance driver for the past 12 years. I started out by running a mobile freezer business. Today I am the State ambulan...»


As Benny Dayal conquers newer spaces with his music, he tells us it is organic partnerships that have taken him so far »

The art of jugalbandi

The key to an enduring jugalbandi is the willingness of two artistes to make a single portrait, says Ronu Majumdar and Ramesh Narayan »

I am... Fousiya M - Football coach

Train journeys are a nightmare for me since I am responsible for all the young girls. While everyone sleeps, I stay awake »

The music maker

Learning by trial and error marks Shaan Rahman’s music lessons. His passion gives his music direction. »

I am… Praseeda. N, Driving instructor

I learnt driving as early as 1993-94, but took my license nine years later, in 2005. I learnt in the car at home with my brother’s and h...»

The BUSINESS of dressing up

Options to classy clothing have never been so good as a growing number of boutiques deck Kozhikode’s streets »

I am... Lisi, Pet accessory shop salesperson

“I must admit, on my first day at work, I was astounded to find the number of products there were for pets. I was just another curious o...»

I am… Vinod V.M., Baker

“Yeast, salt and sugar — if any of the three are not in proportion, the perfect bread will not happen. Baking is what I have done since...»

Riding on

Fourteen women cycling from Kutch to Kerala spread the green message and a spirit of adventure »

Leafy narrative

Leaves, often never given a second glance, are the principal characters of Safi’s photographs »

I am… Narayanan P.V. , Tailor

The first thing you learn in this job is to stitch the perfect button-hole. When my father left me at a seasoned tailor’s when I was 12,...»

Conquering Mind and Eye

Unpredictable is what director Hariharan wants to be »

I am…Shirlet Mani - Circle Inspector, Women's Cell

“I was very active in the NCC (National Cadets Corps) in both school and college. When I think about what brought me to policing, I can...»

Sibling spunk

Two sets of sisters are taking young entrepreneurship to new levels in the city »

I am… Ramakrishnan - Bullet Mechanic

There is great demand for vintage vehicles. People bend over backwards to own a 1960s or 1970s model. »

Down to the music

Munz, vocalist of The Down Troddence, traces the band’s journey from obscurity to the top of the charts »

I am … Savitha A.L. (38) - Nurse

Occupation: Staff Nurse, Government General (Beach) Hospital »

The Road to change

Once a street lined by godowns and workshops, Customs Road today is a cosy hub for new businesses that merge well with its quaintness »

I am…

Name: Aboobacker Siddique
Occupation: Making banana chips

Poems to Soul

I am lost in the teeming turns to Paloor Mana near Kovoor in Kozhikode despite lucid, patient instructions thrice over the phone. By the...»

Obscurity to APPLAUSE

FESTIVAL Utsavam has created opportunities for forgotten folk art forms across Kerala »



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