Fish fillet: 100 gm

Sesame oil: Half Tsp

Garlic cloves: Two

Grated root ginger: One Tsp

Red chilli: One

Soya Sauce: One Tsp

Lemon grass: 10 gm

Salt and pepper: Two gm each

Fish sauce: Five ml

Lime juice: Two Tsp

Sunflower oil for cooking: 10 ml

For Thai cucumber salad:


Rice or white wine vinegar: One Tsp

Sugar: Half Tsp

Cucumber: 200 gm

Shallots: Four

Chilli flakes: Quarter Tsp

Cilantro: One Tsp

Fish sauce: Half Tsp

Salt and pepper: Two gm each

Preparation: In a suitable bowl, whish toether the vinegar, saly, sugar, fish sauce and pepper. Cut the cucumber into fine slices and finely shred shallots. Place these in a bowl with chilli flakes and cilantro. Pur over the vinegar and sugar mixture. Toss it well. Marinate before 30 minutes before serving.


Put all the ingredients except the oil for cooking in a food processor blender until all the items bind together well and smooth.

Take out the paste like dough and divide into small cakes. Each cake should be at least two cm. thick.

Heat oil in a suitable pan. Place the fish cakes in the pan and allow each side to cook for at least three minutes each. Serve immediately. Tastes best when it is piping hot. Garnish with flat leaf cilantro and Thai cucumber salad

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