Next a rom-com

Director Rasu Mathuravan, who has come up with family entertainers such as “Mayandi Kudumbathaar” and “Muthukku Muthaaga,” is now trying his hand at making a romantic comedy.

“My film ‘Mic Set Pandi' features Sabari and Sunaina in the lead. Besides, several comedians, including National Award winner Thambi Ramaiah, Karunaas and Suri, are part of the film, which will hit the screens in the second week of May,” says Mathuravan.

The director adds, “One of the characters in the film that rents out mikes and loudspeakers for various functions has been inspired by my uncle (my dad's younger brother). As a child, I was impressed with the way he carried himself — he won not only my affection but also the admiration of the entire village. That's why I chose to model this character on him.”

“The music has been composed by Kavi Periyathambi. Three of the songs have been shot in Malaysia,” says Mathuravan, who also discloses that a jeep that was rotting in a shed before being remodelled for the film, has now fetched a handsome price.

“We needed a jeep for the film and found one in a bad shape. We fixed it using another engine. The remodelled vehicle looked so impressive that the owner of a bus company came forward to buy it,” says Mathuravan, brimming with pride.

Billa bytes

There's good news for fans of actor Ajith. His “Billa 2,” a prequel to his “Billa,” which was a remake of the Rajinikanth blockbuster by the same name, is likely to hit the screens by May this year.

What's more, sources say the film, which will trace the don's origins and showcase the situations that forced him to embrace a life of crime, will have stunts by Stephen, a renowned stunt choreographer from Germany.

Says a source, “Stephen has worked on several Hollywood films. He has choreographed fights that looked very realistic on screen.” The film is also believed to have a fight sequence in a chopper, which, sources claim, will be a first for Tamil cinema.

Another interesting piece of information is “Billa 2,” being directed by Chakri Toleti of “Unnaipol Oruvan” fame, has been shot using the Epic camera.

According to a source, “R. D. Rajashekhar is the cameraman. It is for the first time a Tamil film is being completely shot with an Epic camera.”

The film, which features two heroines Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah, a Brazilian model, has been shot extensively in Georgia, Goa and Hyderabad.

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