There are no more unsung heroes… literally. When YouTube suggested that you ‘broadcast' yourself, they weren't kidding. And as the world continues to sing praises about Justin Beiber, the 17-year-old who became popular after a talent manager found him through his home videos on the video-sharing site, the world woke up to the immense potential for talent on this site.

There are others too, who have found an audience for their music, and they might not all have record labels or deals but they're celebrities too, of the YouTube kind.

Sungha Jung

This fifteen-year-old guitar prodigy from South Korea became popular when he was just twelve! With over 38 videos on YouTube, his most popular cover being the ‘Pirates of the Carribean' theme, Sungha Jung has gone places, from winning 13 awards on YouTube to releasing his debut album, ‘Perfect Blue' earlier this year. Sungha plays by ear and takes up to three days to learn a song.

Christina Grimmie

She is sixteen, plays the piano, sings, writes songs and has atleast a million hits for every song she posts. Christina has even been on the Billboard Top Social 50 since it began last year (it has a list of artists who are popular and active on social networking/sharing sites). She recently crossed Justin Beiber and Rihanna on My YouTube content, getting more votes than both these established musicians. Though she's sung for many record labels, the teenager says she's saved her originals for her debut album. Check her out on YouTube.

Boyce Avenue

This band of brothers of Puerto Rico-American descent are now officially a boyband, thanks to the video sharing site. In 2007, the brothers Fabian, Daniel and Alejandro Manzano began posting covers on YouTube after they formed the band three years earlier. They performed popular covers, and soon some of them reached 10 million views. They began touring and performing popular songs, after which, in 2010, their first major album ‘All we have left' was released.

Venetian Princess

Born as Jodie Rivera, she is the No. 1 most subscribed female on YouTube since 2008. PC World named her ‘10 things guys don't have to do' music video as one of the top 10 viral videos of 2008. This 27-year-old singer of Swedish and Italian ancestry has over 960,000 subscribers and 350 million views on her channel. She usually does parodies and original compositions. Jodie Rivera's parody of Katy Perry's “I kissed a girl” has 37 million views, many millions more than the original video.

Lisa Lavie

This 27-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter began a movement by ‘broadcasting herself'. She brought together 25 artists for the ‘We are the world 25 for Haiti' campaign, the video production of which had national television coverage. Though she is an established singer, she continues to upload originals on YouTube from her home studio. There is even a video of her singing in her car.


Anusha ParthasarathyJune 28, 2012