Many of us see New Year as the time to correct our course or make a dream come true, writes Nivedita Ganguly

It's time to usher in the spirit of everything new – new hopes, new wishes, new ideas and a New Year filled with a dream of a better future. The streets and shops reflect the exuberant mood as youngsters crowd around the places to select gifts and cards for their near and dear ones. The shops are full of funky cards and colourful gifts. Wishing friends a happy new year these days is all about being an innovative gift giver.

While the markets are glittering with plenty of New Year gifts and offers, most youngsters prefer to keep the gifts simple but creative through a personal touch that would be a memorable souvenir in the year's to come and also a perfect way to embark on a new journey. “I make sure my gifts have that personal touch. Whether it's a card or a gift, it should carry my personal message for friends and loved ones,” says Jenny, a student of Sociology.

Beyond the revelry, there are the resolutions to keep. Many of us see New Year as the time to correct our course. And more often than not, the resolutions have more to do with giving up some bad habits. So what are the resolutions?

“I have to resist the wicked temptations for junk food and shed those irksome kgs before the next festive season,” says a determined Amrita, a marketing executive. There are the honest ones, who are very well aware of their helplessness. Quoting Oscar Wilde, Ravi confesses, “I can resist anything, but temptation.”

For adventure freaks like Anita Rao, it is not an easy one but nevertheless, a determined task on hand. “My resolution would be to improve my fitness levels so that I can embark on my dream journey of an all-India bike tour all by myself,” she says.

Radhika makes a more determined resolution, “I have decided to collect all the books of my favourite authors and finish reading all of them.”

And some make crazy resolutions too! “My New Year resolution is watch a new movie everyday,” says Anand. But his younger brother Vijay winks and adds, “Mom will make sure that he doesn't succeed in keeping his resolution.”

However, there are the more sensible ones who said the best way to start a New Year is not to make any resolutions at all! So, what is your New Year resolution?

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