‘Collector's Corner II' at the Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, is targeted at the younger crowd

For setting trends and breaking monotony, one can always depend on young artists. In association with Gallery Ragini, art exhibition ‘Collector's Corner II' was organised at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, showcasing some of the rising stars of Indian art who not only have the talent but a future as well.

The artists who showcased were from across the art milieu, ranging from new voices daring in their expressions to seasoned artists with a trademark style. On display were the creations of artists like Anuj Kumar Poddar, Amit Kumar Jaiswal, Asurvedh, Farhad Hussain, Rajendra Kapse, Ramesh Kumar, Rohit Kumar Sharma, Shweta Talwar, Siri Devi Khandavilli and Suchit Sahni.

Among the works was the ‘Lucky Lakshmi Dollar Bill' by Khandavilli, where she has portrayed Goddess Lakshmi on the American dollar, representing the duality of her mind springing from being brought up in a traditional Indian Brahmin family and her uncomfortable relationship with money. “On one hand she was taught values like sacrifice in her family, and after getting married she saw the materialistic world in U.S.,” said Nidhi Jyoti Jain, owner of Gallery Ragini, illustrating the work by Khandavilli.

Rohit Kumar's paintings were a depiction of ‘Delhi on Roads'. Kumar has done seven solo shows and has been working on this theme for the last five years. “New ideas are welcome in the artistic world but it takes time to get established here,” he said.

Through his work, Sahni has tried to show the positivity in the atmosphere of Delhi, with vibrant colours aimed to let people know that even if this city is crowded it has enough colours to make one fall in love with it.

The collection, as the name suggests, was tailored primarily for the art collector who understands that art is a fine balance between its visual appeal and value in terms of investment.

According to Jain, the purpose of organising the exhibition in Gurgaon was to reach out to the young crowd of the place. “People in Gurgaon are quite busy, but they do step out and get together at night. This exhibition will provide an opportunity to these intelligent people to enjoy the exhibition as well as take home the creations they like at affordable prices,” added Jain.

Matthew Cooper, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon, said, “We aspire to encourage art both aesthetically and commercially by providing artists a platform where their works can not only be admired but also stand a chance to adorn living rooms,” said Cooper.