Ikebana International Hyderabad Chapter celebrated its 15th year of inception

Ikebana, for the untrained eye, is merely an arrangement of flowers made popular by the Japanese. For those who've trained in Ikebana, it's nothing less than an art form. Combinations of flowers, foliage, bamboo or cane baskets and small water bodies are used creatively to befit different themes.

During the one-day ikebana exhibition, Shashtika, held at Taj Deccan to commemorate the 15th year of inception of Ikebana International Hyderabad Chapter and the 60th anniversary of Japan-India diplomatic ties, visitors got to witness varied arrangements made by the members of the Hyderabad Chapter.

Fifteen arrangements at the entrance marked the 15th year of the Hyderabad chapter and 60 arrangements marked the 60th year of Indo-Japan diplomatic relations. “Since the Hyderabad chapter has 66 members, we made provision for six more arrangements. Most of the arrangements here conform to the Ohara and Sogetsu schools of Ikebana though the Ikebana International also includes other schools,” informs Rekha Reddy, president, Ikebana International, Hyderabad Chapter.

Members had made use of locally available materials to make the arrangements in landscape, rimpa and bunjin styles among others. From common asters, lilies and roses to imported orchids and wild almond fruits, members used different flowers, fruits and vegetables.

If one arrangement used only foliage and a water body, another contrasted colourful flowers with large, brown mushrooms that grow on the bark of trees.