The exhibition hosted by Gallery Time and Space at the Ritz-Carlton featured a variety of artwork by both established and emerging artists

Gallery Time and Space, in collaboration with the ItechLaw and The Ritz Carlton recently hosted an exhibition of paintings over the weekend featuring a range of artists.

The show was held to raise funds through a part of the show’s proceedings, for PallCanCare, an NGO that works with palliative cancer patients.

The exhibition showcased both experienced artists like A.V. Ilango, Dhiraj Choudhury and Arpita Kar as well as upcoming artists like Shiva Prasanna, Pragati Dalvi, Shubhashis Mandal and Rudragaud Indi.

Shiva Prasanna’s artworks mainly featured etchings of animal figures, mostly birds, including an owl and a hog. His etchings were detailed, intricate and realistically composed.

Suparna Mondal also works with etching and printmaking, producing fantastical images in shades of black and white with a touch of red, composed of bicycles, barred windows and strips of patterns. Her woodcut on the other hand features almost psychedelic human figures in shades of red and black.

While Manisha Kumar featured abstract floral forms in vibrant hues set against textured, contrasting backgrounds composed of spatters of paints against solid coloured backgrounds.

Both Shubhashis Mandal and Santanu Roy featured landscapes in watercolours. While Shubhashis featured quaint, sunny corners of towns crammed with houses, a few cars, roadside cafes and pedestrians, Santanu’s landscapes showcased the hillside, or hilly backdrops.

Sanjiv Sankpal’s paintings evoke the rustic, with his village landscapes featuring cowherds with their cattle in lush environs or a group of women in front of their homes surrounded by their cattle. His figures are simple, vibrant and evoke a sense of belongingness.

While Rudragaud Indi works are more surreal, featuring a boy next to a large white paper boat, blowing puffy white clouds like bubbles standing in a desert.

Or a cracking boat in lime green water with a statue balanced on its right edge and a large fish balanced on its left with a life preserver around its suspended oar. Sharks (presumably) surround the boat.

The exhibition also featured works by Bonny Hazuria and Girish Kulkarni.