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Updated: May 4, 2014 16:56 IST

All smooth and silky

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Kavya Rajan demonstrating Wella SP Alchemy treatments. Photo: S. Siva Saravanan
The Hindu
Kavya Rajan demonstrating Wella SP Alchemy treatments. Photo: S. Siva Saravanan

How does one control unruly hair? Or, terribly limp tresses?

Suma sits on the consultation chair and reels off what she thinks are issues with her hair. “It’s too dry, too brittle and I have severe hairfall,” she says.

Kavya Rajan, education trainer, P and G Salon Professional (SP), listens intently and then begins her examination. She weaves her fingers through the client’s hair, and checks it for tension and texture. Suma is for a surprise. Her hair is not dry; it’s just damaged at the ends. She has normal hair fall, but also has dandruff. “Losing up to 100 hair strands a day is very normal,” Kavya assures her.

Chennai-based Kavya was at Green Trends salon, Race Course, recently for a day-long training and demo session of Wella SP’s Alchemy hair treatments. She mixed and matched creams and infusions to treat Suma’s dandruff and hair damage and gave her a relaxing 20-minute massage before rinsing it off. After a blow-dry, Suma’s hair has a new shine.

Those without dandruff will be given a five-minute steam session too. The Alchemy range of services for men and women is said to treat a range of hair issues with an equally wide variety of customised products.

Kavya sees a lot of damaged hair in her profession. The damage could be due to constant ironing, colouring or usage of harsh chemicals. “People don’t think twice before ironing their hair every day, without taking any precautions such as using a hair-protection cream,” she says. “You will not iron the same shirt every single day, right? Your hair is no different.”

(The 45-minute Alchemy procedure is priced from Rs. 950 to Rs. 2,000 (taxes extra) depending on hair length. For details, call the salon at 0422-2222120/010)

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