A list of common apps used by children on their phones and computers

The current generation that has been born into technology and been exposed to computers and smart phones, download plenty of apps on their phones, tablets and computers.

For the younger ones, it is simpler gaming apps that work.

“I use my iPad to download apps for games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Angry Birds. These games help me relax and to stay entertained when I am bored. I also use WhatsApp Messenger to keep in touch with my friends outside of school,” says Mahima.S, a Class IV student at Suguna PIP School. For the boys, it is apps for action and strategy games that do the trick, and they get to interact with other players online in the process.

“I have apps for playing complex strategy games with my friends and other players online, such as Clash of Clans and GTFOGaming. They allow me to connect with multiple players and even chat with them while gaming. If I want to follow the latest cricket scores, I use the ESPNCricinfo app to keep track. I also use Google Talk and Facebook Messenger to chat with friends who have similar interests online,” says Mukund. P, a Class X student from SSVM World School.

For others, downloading apps for gaming allows them short breaks from their study schedule.

“I have apps for simpler games such as Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride which can be played on the phone, and more complex strategy games such as Assassins Creed and the Hitman series, which I play on my computer. Some of my friends also come home on weekends and we compete against each other to keep things challenging. I use WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger to chat with friends who I can’t meet regularly,” says Pratyush. P. Menon, a Class IX student of Suguna PIP School.

While it is tough to keep a watch on their children’s activities online, parents are doing their bit to monitor the usage of apps and electronic gadgets.

“I have kept my son’s computer in the living room. So, we automatically monitor his usage. I warn him when he spends more hours in front of the computer. Since he attends other classes and plays sports, his usage of gaming apps and social media are normally under control,” says K. Tamizharasan, a parent.

Gaming apps

Temple Run series, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, Jetpack joyride

Strategy and action apps

Call of Duty Elite, Clash of Clans, FIFA, Assassins Creed, Hitman

Apps for chat

Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Google Talk