Summer is here, and we want our clothes to get easier. Taking advantage of the sunshine is Azure, Chennai's new label, launched by engineer-turned-designer Dipu Krishnamurthi.

Sashaying on the path between high street and street, her options for a warm weather wardrobe have a casual, everyday appeal. “Good design and great fit for less. That's my USP,” says the youngster who has switched careers with ease.

A qualified Electrical Engineer, Dipu worked with Motorola in the U.S., before going to a business school. Her flair for strategy and marketing landed her a job at Victoria's Secret, where her talent for design came to the fore. “My stint in the glamour sleepwear department was fun. But I will not be comfortable doing that in Chennai. It's too sexy and corsety. Design-wise, in a scorching city like ours, the challenge is to create something that's comfortable and, at the same time, stylish. Also, today's multi-tasking women love their clothes to multi-task as well. Most of my creations allow an easy crossover from the workplace to an evening out with friends.”

Tucked away in a niche in Rutland Gate, Azure showcases a line of dresses (pinafore and strappy), tunics, blouses, tops and trousers in cotton, linen and cotton-lycra (mostly within Rs. 1,000). No ho-hum neutrals for Dipu. She loves playing with colour. What you see at Azure are bright sorbet shades and aqua tones. Talk prints, and more is more for the designer who loves to indulge in pattern play. That explains why she doesn't go for too much embellishment — but for a sprinkling of 3D flowers here or a touch of sequins there. The proportions of the garments are crisp and the sizes range from extra small to large.

That she takes international trends seriously is reflected in the way she mixes metallics with soft tones and uses exposed zippers. “They are hot this season. There's a rock star cool about them. Shorts jumpsuits are also notice-worthy as the sun beats down.”

What's more? “I plan to have limited runs of my lines and change the look every fortnight. Besides, I wish to stick to my global-local aesthetic. Which is also what today's women-on-the-go are about.”


Krithika ReddyMay 11, 2012