A few of the city's environmentally awakened people gathered at Oxford Book Store at The Park to celebrate the World Environment Day to discuss water related issues in the city. The first half of the event took place in the bookstore, extending into their very own cha bar. People like Indu Lingam, of Civic Exnora fame and Frauke Quader from Save the Rocks Society were felicitated for their work and the solutions they provide for the city's environmental issues.

Speakers David Hogg and Jasveen Jairath spoke about the ‘mystery of the vanishing waters'. David Hogg, the Vice President (Livelihoods) at Hyderabad-based Naandi, who declared that he was an agriculturist rather than environmentalist, spoke about how food production practices can affect the environment.

He added that water management is not so much about the lack of rain but about managing resources. Jasveen Jairath, of SOUL (Save our Urban Lakes) spoke about the ‘so-called water crisis'. Explaining that water is fundamentally a political issue, she pointed out that considering that no data points to a shortage, water is actually abundantly available. However as the controls lie in someone else's hands, the solution is to question as to who uses water and has control over it. Jairath, who has been engaged with research, advocacy, networking and capacity building in the water sector, spoke of the class differences that chalk out such water ‘scarcity' issues. The event was an attempt at understanding a few of the environmental issues. It was a humble way of bringing about some environmental awareness in the city.