Prem Nazir, Vincent, Sudheer, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair, Bahadur, Adoor Bhasi, Nanditha Bose, Sujatha, Sreelatha etc.

Certain Studios and cinema theatres in India are co related with Indian films. With the substantial profits obtained from the Tamil film Chinthamani (1937), the producers built a Cinema theatre in Madurai and named it Chinthamani. The Tamil film Karpakam (1961), enabled its producer and director K S Gopalakrishnan to establish ‘Karpakam Studios’. K Ravindran Nair, fondly called ‘Achani Ravi’ donated the proceeds of the successful Malayalam film Achaani, released on July 12, 1973 to build the Public Library at Kollam.

Produced under the banner of General Pictures and directed by A. Vincent, the film was shot at Satya Studios. Based on a story by Karaikudi Narayanan, renowned playwright Thoppil Bhasi wrote script and dialogues for the film. Editing by Venkitaraman and cinematography by Venkit and Prakash was impressive. Music composed by Devarajan was a high point of the film.

Popular artists like Prem Nazir, Vincent, Sudheer, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair, Adoor Bhasi, Nanditha Bose, Sujatha etc acted in the film.

Vasu (Prem Nazir) who runs a tailoring shop is the head of the family consisting of his wife Seetha (Nanditha Bose), brother Gopi (Vincent) and sister Uma (Sujatha). Gopi is employed at a workshop and Uma is a school teacher. Vasu is respected by all for his noble character. The happy family lives within their means.

Uma falls in love with Babu (Sudheer), son of the rich Raghavan Mudhalali (Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair), a factory owner. Vasu objects to the marriage of his sister with Babu, but Uma is determined and she leaves home and gets married to Babu. Gopi loses his job. Bad luck follows Vasu’s family. Vasu’s tailoring shop is destroyed in a fire accident. Seetha becomes pregnant. Vasu struggles for livelihood, but refuses financial support offered by friends and relatives.

Banker Menon (Sankaradi) appoints Seetha to take care of his son Raju (Master Satyajith). In a furious mood, Raju threw a metal pot at their servant, which hit his mother and killed her on the spot, causing Raju to lose his mental balance. Seetha’s love and care brings changes in Raju. One day, upon seeing Seetha wiping off the dust from a framed photo of his mother, Raju got angry and threw a heavy flower vase at her. Seetha is admitted to the hospital and an abortion takes place. The mental shock that Raju suffers out of this incident brings Raju to normalcy.

Menon offers a huge amount to Vasu out of gratitude. But Vasu refuses the support.

Gopi becomes sick. Vasu even ‘sells’ his blood to raise money to treat Gopi. But fate is cruel, Gopi dies due to lack of proper medical care. Raghavan Mudhalali and Babu fail to repay the loan availed from Menon and are at the verge of confiscation. Babu and Mudhalali plead for extension of time for repayment of the loan. Menon insists that he will allow an extension if Vasu stands as surety. Menon and Babu fall at the feet of Vasu and beg for his support. Menon withdraws all legal proceedings against Babu and his father. Menon requests Vasu to take control of Mudhalali’s factory and he agrees. And a happy ending to the social drama.

Nanditha Bose and Prem Nazir impressed the audience in their lead roles. Hilarious scenes involving Bahadur, Adoor Bhasi ansd Sreelatha gave moments of laughter . Yesudas appeared in a guest role and sang a song.

Songs written by P. Bhaskaran became hits. Instant hits were “Enthe Swapnathin…. “ (Yesudas – acting and singing), “Mallikaa Baanan Thanthe…. “ (Jayachandran, Madhuri), “Samayamam Nadi…. “ (Suseela).

Will be remembered: As a good social film and for its excellent music.