Access TV and radio channels online and create your own shows too

If you’re a music buff, couch potato, aspiring DJ or a gamer, you can get your dose of entertainment at the click of a mouse. Lazy County, a free website offers social networking, online communication and entertainment under one link. “We came up with this idea after observing that people feel lazy to look at multiple platforms. So we decided to provide networking, TV, radio and game stations in one single platform,” says Ankur Sachdev, co-founder,

The portal allows users to create their own radio shows, broadcast them online and make some money too. “Positioned as India’s first portal showcasing many national and international TV channels apart from radio stations, and games. Lazy County even has a mobile interface which is accessible on any GPRS-enabled device,” he adds.

One has to register to access the features and the site has already many hits. “Users are enjoying multiple aspects of our website on their PCs, laptops and mobile phones. Our target audience is between ages 18 and 35 since they have a tendency to explore new content and even when they are on the move they stay connected,” says Sachdeva.

The website also offers value added services such as free messaging and a social broadcast service, ‘Hear Me Out’. “This allows users to record and broadcast their voice and earn money through its advertisement-based revenue-sharing model. Users can broadcast speeches in offices; music for friends or announcements in schools. We plan to make this website a full-fledged entertainment destination by introducing more categories such as e-books,” says Sachdeva.