Deer in the limelight

Spotted grazing inside IIT’s dense foliage, this albino deer was the centre of attention. Unperturbed, the deer went on to pose for everyone trying to take a picture of it, including this reporter.

Glitzy past

Recently, this reporter was dropping a friend back home. The friend’s neighbour, a famous movie star, walked out of his home to get into his car. While she debated if she must smile at him or wave since she had met him professionally a few times, or just play it cool, the driver of her car jumped out, ran to the star and started having an animated conversation with him. Now the reporter wished she had spoken to him first for the dapper-looking star seemed to be in a good mood. When the driver was asked why he didn’t take a picture with the hero, he replied, “I have one with his entire family. I used to be his driver.”

Not so fine

Navigating slowly through the busy streets of George Town, this reporter was surprised when a traffic cop simply opened her car door and got in, beside the driver. When she said 'yes sir?' enquiringly, the cop asked her what she was up to. When he came to know she was on assignment, he said ‘This is a one-way, but we don't fine reporters and lawyers.’ Despite insisting that she be fined — even though neither her driver nor she had seen the relevant sign board, and requesting the cop to check on that — the cop just got out of the car and walked away.

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