Shoe Vival, a shoe laundry outlet in the city, washes and repairs footwear

Shoes are most neglected when it comes to maintenance and care. “We take so much pain to wash clothes. But, do we take proper care of our foot wear?” asks Suresh, Coimbatore franchisee and marketing consultant, Shoe Vival, a national chain that offers laundry service for footwear.

Suresh says people ignore washing expensive shoes, especially, leather footwear, because they fear it might harm the footwear. At Shoe Vival, leather footwear is cleaned through a specialised process. “We take care of all components, including the laces and insoles.”

Most customers bring in sports shoes. “They get dirty easily due to rough use. Some shoes are brought in with a detached outsole. We replace the sole and glue them using strong adhesives.” They also replace hard insoles with soft ones for customers with leg ailments.

Hygiene is another important factor, says Krishnaveni of Shoe Vival. “Though people wash socks regularly, they ignore the shoes. However, the interiors of a shoe are equally dirty, as it collects sweat and dirt from the feet. So, we treat the insoles with anti-bacterial lotions.”

A bright finish

Faded colours and designs are also fixed. “We also brighten up faded brand logos,” says Suresh.

Jasmine, one of their customers, gave in her trekking shoes for wash and repair. “When I gave it, the netting was torn off and the colour was dull. What I got back looked like a brand new pair.”

Shoe Vival started operations three months ago and the response has been good, says Sudhaa, Suresh’s wife. Shoe Vival is on Raja Annamalai Road, Saibaba Colony. It is open from Monday to Saturday (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) Washing charges are Rs.150 a pair. For repairs, they charge extra.

They offer free pick-up and delivery in Saibaba Colony, and charge Rs. 25 a pair for other areas. For details, call 73730-04455.