Rob Howes’ perspective of India through his photography is full of wonder

Robert Howes’ exhibition “India Through My Lens” at the Abstract Art Gallery is a glimpse into the cross-section of life in India. Rob captures a whole variety of what have become typically Indian sights: vegetable markets, traffic jams, cattle in unusual places, whole families riding on a single moped, lakes, boat rides and sunsets; and in many of his works , Bangalore sometimes becomes a representative of Indian life today.

For instance, he captures the UB City tower taken from inside the mall, flower vendors at the KR market, a mechanic shop, or rows of autos “waiting for the train”. At the same time, he also captures some unusual sights: stained glass panels in the St. Andrew’s church, Vidhana Soudha against a cloudy sky with a patch of blue, the Brindavan gardens at Mysore lit up at night from the terrace of the Royal Orchid Hotel, the destruction wrought by the fire at Russell Market, streaks of light outside the Forum Mall in the evening.

He captures some beautiful silhouettes of camels alongside horse riders in Pushkar or a group of men witnessing the sunrise at Kanyakumari. His delight at the vibrant paint on a sugarcane crusher or watching a little girl eat candy as her little brother looks on (at Pushkar) is infectious. “For me India is really in its markets, people and streets. I was in awe of how hard people work and how much they do with so little and how warm and friendly they are,” says Rob, who has been living in Bangalore since 2010. “I tried to capture everyday life in India.” What’s appealing and strangely soothing, about Rob’s gaze is that it is innocent; there is no pretension in his gaze. He seems to simply capture what he finds beautiful or worthy of capturing without wanting to create an impression. His photography is simple, spontaneous and natural. “India Through My Lens” will be on view until November 30 at the Abstract Art Gallery, 8, Cunningham Road. For details, contact 41235444.