At the Women's Day special poetry reading, five women read their poems

It was Tuesday and we were waiting for the bard, Urban Solace was hosting a Women's Day special, featuring five of their best women poets. The line up for the evening was Chandramma, Amritha, Jaisree, Amulya Shruthi and Jacqueline, all of whom are Tuesdays with the Bard regulars.

Chandramma started the evening with her poem, “Midnight Friendship”. Her poems were rooted in the essence of being a woman, and she spoke about being a friend, a mother, and a free spirit. “I usually put a character in my poems, so I may be talking about myself. It helps me stay anonymous,” says Chandramma.

She also read some of her Hindi poems, which received exclamations of encouragement from the audience.

Amritha, who is a graphic designer by profession, noticed that the difference in proportion between men and women in the room was five percent. “So, let's celebrate that five percent. Also I write dark poetry, so if I depress anyone I apologise in advance,” said Amritha, before she read “A Love Letter to Me” and “Body Bang”, which was about domestic abuse. The die-hard romantic and chartered accountant Jaisree said, “I hope romance has not gone out of fashion,” before she started reading “2001– A Love Story”. Amulya Shruthi, one of the more colourful performances of the night, used her quick wit to shake things up a little. Her poem “Baggit” was written as an ode to what she thinks defines women the most. “My next poem is about finding someone compatible. We set ourselves up to be understood, this one is my expression of what I would normally do – I am poetry, I hide in an ocean of words,” she read.

The last performer for the evening was Jacqueline Weinland, a university student who has spent the past year travelling through different parts of the United States and Asia. Jacqueline took up writing during high school and fell quickly for the spoken word and slam poetry. India offers her an entire new world of inspiration for her writing, she says.

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