Three trees recently lost their lives thanks to greed and ignorance. Conservationists record their protest

When I reached the Coimbatore Club, near the MES gate, three big trees had already been cut. A contractor waved a piece of paper saying he had permission to lop off dry branches. He had earmarked nine trees to cut down. We make noise about planting trees and then brazenly cut them. Our Chief Minister and our Mayor want a greener State and city, and look at what is happening. But, there is some good news too. Bosch has identified 2.5 acres for growing trees. Some Panchayats have done the same as has the FCI godown at Peelamedu that has planted hundreds of saplings supplied by Siruthuli.

Sujani Balu

Resident, Race Course


The Corporation had given the contractor permission to cut only one tree. By the time we got the information and our volunteers got there, the man had already cut two healthy trees as well. We have been assured of action.

R. Raveendran



Sometimes, it is necessary to cut a tree. But, there should be an active tree protection committee that can take an informed decision. Many people claim that by planting saplings they compensate the trees they fell. We don’t have a system to monitor plant growth. Sometimes, they wilt within a week. The only good thing in all this is that the public is slowly growing more aware of the need to raise trees.

Mohammed Saleem

Environment Conservation Group


Eighty trees were felled this year in Ramnagar. There could be thousands more across the city. We need a nodal agency that can act immediately on complaints. Like we have a 24-hour fuse call office, we need an office to protect trees. Those who fell trees must be penalised. That is the only deterrent. A solution will be for the town planners to plant and maintain the saplings.

R. Karpagam

Oli Awareness Movement