A group of college students have made a short film on love for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, watch a movie on love with your soul mate. A group of students from American College have made a short film ‘FEB 13.5’ with a punchy tagline “love pannalama vendama?” (To fall in love or not to?). Madurai-based graphic designer Judah Arun, , who also plays the lead role in the film, says, “The movie is about how a single guy feels seeing couples on V-Day. We have shown both the merits and demerits of love and the film ends raising the question and leaving the choice to the audience.”

Joseph Daniel, the script-writer, says, “The film is a comical take on love. Every scene has comical undertones. It throws light on the practical difficulties of love apart from the glamour and fun quotient love seems to have.” “The idea came out casually six months ago when we saw a couple walking by the road. And much more came from real-life experience of our friends,” he adds.

The story is about a college guy desperately in search of love. . He finds his girl after much difficulty and then realizes the hardships in maintaining a relationship. The female roles are done by Nishi and Preethy. Deepak Bose, who acts the Hero’s friend, says, “The concept of the movie is that love is never complete. Most of the affairs break. That’s why the name ‘FEB 13.5’. We intend to say that if not more, 0.5 always remains unfulfilled.” The movie has been shot in outdoor and indoor locations in and around Madurai. “We have shot in places such as Vishaal Mall, Eco Park, few shopping arcades in Anna Nagar, cinema theatres and other nearby resorts which are the real lovers’ hangouts in the city,” says Priyadarshan, who has done the cinematography and shooting. “This is our first movie shot professionally using hi-tech equipment like DSLR cameras such as 5D and 60D, trolleys, cranes and jimmy jip. We have also tried unusual angles right from the basic Dutch angle.”

Dinesh Kumar, another actor, says, “It’s a 15-minute long movie and we took a week to complete it. Nearly 20 people have acted in ‘FEB 13.5.” The group has already made short films on various subjects: Idhayathin Marupakkam (a story on love), Ethne (a film on adivasis) and Thevaikaga Kadavulai Thedathe (a film on philosophy of God).

FEB 13.5 is set to release in colleges on February 14 and can be watched or downloaded on Youtube and Facebook from February 15 onwards. For more details, contact 9786388181.