Chef Mark Phoenix, part of the team that prepares the Nobel dinner, visited the Capital recently

Nothing can get bigger than Nobel dinner and nothing can be more respectful for a chef to prepare food for Nobel laureates. Chef Mark Phoenix from Sweden is one of the members of the team that has been designing the Nobel menu for the last seven years and cooking for the winners.

He was in India for a week to celebrate the Sweden India Noble Memorial Week 2012.

Shedding light on Swedish food, he said, “There is not even a single Swedish dish which is vegetarian. As Sweden is 50 % water we prefer eating loads of sea food.”

When it comes to the Nobel dinner 2012, Chef Phoenix has been unstoppable in his passion. Supported by 40 chefs, he started his preparations for the dinner in March, got the final menu approved in May and has started working to serve it finally on December 10. He says that it takes 9 hours for his team just to lay out the food on the final day. It’s a grand event.

Apart from Swedish, Phoenix is also good at making Italian and French food. He has had some successful stints in the Indian sub continent, first as the head chef at Nordic Club, Dhaka and then as general manager, British High Commission, New Delhi.