PASSIONS Anne Rakesh, a medical transcriptionist, found her passion in crocheting when she made baby goodies for her newborn

For new mothers, going on a professional hiatus after childbirth has become a norm, rather than an exception. Yearning to experience every tear and giggle of the new born, the mother, who previously brought home half the bacon, recedes to domestic responsibilities. This period got Anne Rakesh an excuse to do what she always wanted to — be creative.

The mother’s indulgence of dressing her four-month-old daughter, Megan, led to the conceptualisation of Happy Knots. Previously a medical transcriptionist Anne and her musician husband Rakesh began Happy Knots, a crochet arcadia. They provide crocheted accessories and clothes for children and the fashion-conscious youth. They also offer a range of home decor products. Colourful crocheted wrist bands, ear loops and swirls, head bands, hair clips, snap clips, finger rings, customised hats, wallets and baskets are Happy Knot’s offerings.

“There is perpetual modification and diversification is our range of products. With trends changing continuously, we bring in more variety,” says Anne.

Recounting on the inception of Happy Knots, which is a two-month-old venture now, Anne says, “I learnt the art of crocheting from my aunt when I was carrying. After Megan was born, I decked her up in my creations.” When Anne’s friends saw the baby’s pictures on Facebook, she got her first customers in them, asking her to knit similar stuff for their children. “I gifted them these items and gradually a business venture shaped up. The word spread and Happy Knots grew with more than 200 likes presently — just two months since it was started,” beams Anne.

Launched at the Soul Santhe in May, Happy Knots’ clientele has expanded. “They were made for small children initially. But we have seen the youth like our products as much,” says Anne. They put up stalls in exhibitions around the city. “We attend around five exhibitions every month. Each expo is a carnival for us. It is like a stage performance. We set up our next stall, when still in the hangover of our previous act.” She confides that pursuing this hobby is a tough grind involving much hard work.

“Passion for the art keeps me going. The reception and appreciation I receive from customers, irrespective of whether they buy my products or not is very encouraging,” she asserts. Ponchos and tutus for children are her unique offerings. Her daughter she says, is her super model, posing with all the accessories. “She sits awestruck and amused by the colourful wool around while I’m working,” says this doting mother.

Crochet beanies, single string bands and scarves are the other exclusive items that she knits. True to their ‘designed for you’ motto, these hand crafted goodies are customised according to one’s requirements. “Some are very particular about colours and others leave the discretion to us,” claims Anne.

Curtain rings, tea coasters, doilies, painted pots and upcycled bottles are their home decor products on offer. The articles cost anywhere between Rs. 25 and Rs. 1,200, depending on the intricacies involved. The more complicated loop stitch items cost more than the regular knit items.

Happy Knots accepts online orders on their email id, Their Facebook page gives updates on new products with pictures. and retail their products online.

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