Maroma the fragrance brand opens its first retail outlet in the city

Enter Express Avenue, and you're often greeted by a heady mix of smells — fresh paint, wet cement and a bouquet of fragrance. Follow the trail of lavender, rosemary and sandalwood, and you'll find yourself at Maroma.

Specialising in natural fragrances, this is Maroma's first retail outlet. Launched by Paul Pinthon and Laura Reddy from Auroville, Maroma has been a recognised brand for over 30 years.

How it began

It all started with a bus ride to Auroville. Paul Pinthon had come from France with several others at a time when Auroville was in need of funds, and launched L'encens d'Auroville, a line of fragrances. “We wanted to make products that would become the ambassadors of Auroville,” he says. Years later, Laura Reddy joined hands to create Maroma, while retaining L'encens d'Auroville as their flagship incense line.

Over the years, Maroma has spread its wings to include bodycare and home fragrances to its line of products. Today, its popular product lines are Maroma Spa (with its soaps, shampoos, massage oils and bath salts) and Colibri (with its natural insect and moth repellents). Maroma Men offers Tonka-Vetiver, Olibanum-Citrus and Cedar-Lavender in incense, soaps, shampoos, perfumed oils and more.

Claimed to be eco-friendly, Maroma also stocks gift sets, scented candles, bodysprays, reed diffusers and an aromatherapy line.

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