A picture essay on the tiny photogenic creatures that are all around us, yet remain unseen.

What do photographers train their cameras on when they step into the Theosophical Society? Trees? Yes. Birds? Yes, yes! Apparently, the bees and the bugs too!

That’s what happened when photographer V. Ganesan walked into the famed premises. He was instantly energised by its flora and fauna.

But capturing insects isn’t easy. “Bring patience and long lens,” Prof. Chandrasekaran, naturalist and photographer had suggested.

Spotting them itself required an eye for detail. But “Poochi” Venkatraman helped identify them.

Armed with a Nikon D-800 camera with 105 mm F 2.8 lens, the photographer switched to clickety-click mode and captured the tiny photogenic creatures.

While some of them showed such attitude, others timidly retreated behind leaves. Stunning pictures popped up as the photographer did a live upload on his laptop.

Geeta Padmanabhan took down notes for this picture essay.

Some pointers:

Insect photography is effective when you have a green or purple background

Best camera: Macro lens, minimum 60 mm, SLR

Point-and-shoot cameras are not effective even with macro facility