BMW launches its all-new 3 Series in the city

The Pythagoreans attached mystical significance to the number ‘3’, believing it to be the manifestation of a harmony that combined unity and diversity. Automobile manufacturer BMW also holds ‘3’ special, because its 3 Series has succeeded in harmonising two contradictory elements — esteem and economy. The first generation 3 Series — called the E21 — arrived in 1975 after two successive global disasters, the 1973 oil crisis and the 1973-74 stock market crash. The machine was offered as a compact executive car that appealed to buyers, status-conscious but couldn’t ignore considerations of price and fuel economy.

Thirty-seven years down the line, the strategy has changed little. Yes, performance has superseded economy in successive generations of 3 Series. But look at the all-new BMW 3 Series, it is clearly aimed at the status- and cost-conscious buyer. It’s little wonder that 30 per cent of BMW’s annual car sales still come from this Series. During its launch at the Kun Exclusive BMW showroom in Meenambakkam, Andreas Schaaf, president, BMW Group India, touched upon what the 3s have done for the company, globally and in India.

Now, the luxury and the sport line of the new 3-Series sedan are being CKD-produced at the BMW plant in Chennai. Among features that give the new line its distinctive look are the short overhangs, the long wheelbase, the coupe-like roofline and the side creases.

The 8-speed automatic diesel cars among the new 3s are priced (ex-showroom) at; 320d (Rs. 28.90 lakh), 320d Sport Line (Rs. 31.50 lakh), 320d Luxury Line (Rs. 31.50 lakh) and 320d Luxury Plus (Rs. 36.90 lakh). BMW 328i Sport Line, with a 1997 cc petrol engine and an 8-speed sport automatic transmission and a variable sport steering is priced at Rs. 37.90 lakh (ex-showroom). The fuel economy of four diesel models is 18.88 km/l. The 328i Sport Line does 14.79 km/l. The ‘ECO PRO’ mode — which allows the driver to switch to efficient driving that enables reduced fuel consumption — is offered in all the models.

By giving the cockpit a slight angle, the controls are within driver’s easy reach. Seats can be electronically adjusted through controls placed on the sides of the driver and the front-seat passenger. Other common features include an on-board driver information system with its 6.5-inch high-resolution display.

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