At the Auto Expo, Shah Rukh Khan played the star and brand ambassador with elan

It was a return of the prodigal. Delhi's favourite son was back in the lap of his favourite city. We are talking of Shah Rukh Khan, whose arrival for the launch of the Hyundai i10 Electric at the Auto Expo in Pragati Maidan led to a traffic jam on the roads leading to the venue.

King Khan, though, was at his amiable best, regaling curious fans with his trademark one-liners. Dressed in a black jacket and sporting sunglasses, Shah Rukh went on a nostalgia trail on his brief visit to the city.

“My father had a small shop here in Pragati Maidan,” recalled the misty- eyed Shah Rukh. As people screamed for attention from the superstar, Shah Rukh, asking a particularly noisy fan to calm down, said, “Arey yaar, tum to mujh se bhi zyaada bolte ho”. The remark had the audiences in peals of laughter.

Shah Rukh then put on the cap of a brand ambassador for Hyundai, saying, “My association with Hyundai is longer than my association with my wife. We share a special bond.”

Speaking on the occasion, Arvind Saxena, director - marketing and sales, said, “A growing awareness among consumers for all things green inspired us to introduce the electric version of our immensely popular compact car. It is truly a real-world car with zero emissions, and the unveiling today marks the first step in what is sure to be an exciting journey for people all over the world.”

From the outside, the i10 electric car looks identical to the one we have on Indian roads but the difference lies under the hood. Instead of a petrol-powered engine this car has an efficient 49 kWh electrical motor, which will drive the car.

The car, which was first showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September last year, will be first introduced in Korea in mid-2010. It will take another two to three years for it to ply on Indian roads.

Shah Rukh, on his part, said in a lighter vein, “I request the manufacturers to give me an electric version too as it is not only sleek but economical too.”