After receiving a Yezdi Roadking as a gift, Feroz Pasha has turned an avid collector of classic bikes

For being committed to his work, Feroz Pasha received an unexpected reward: a Yezdi Roadking. While handing him the keys, his boss Anjan Rangaraj, an avid collector of classic bikes, predicted the bike would change Feroz's life. And it has, in ways he did not anticipate. “After the Roadking rolled into my life, I joined the Roaring Riders, a group of Jawa and Yezdi enthusiasts. Biking together has helped me connect with people and Nature. As these bike rides take us through places with arresting scenery, I can indulge my passion for photography,” says Feroz. That's not the only change. He now desires to collect Jawa and Yezdi bikes.

Apart from the Roadking, he has managed to lay hands on a 1965 Jawa 250 Type 353/04 Kyvacka — glinting after a thorough restoration — and a rare Yezdi — with most of its parts missing — that is being given a fresh lease of life.

The story of the Jawa's restoration proves Feroz's obsession for perfection. Instead of riding the Jawa home, after the sales agreement, he took it to Bangalore for restoration by Baburajan. As Feroz wanted only the best for the bike — often preferring to wait for the right part — the work took 18 months.

But Feroz feels the job is still incomplete. Jawa bikes that rolled off the Ideal Jawa factory between 1963 and 1969 came with milling hubs. Determined to give his 1965 Jawa this distinguishing feature, Feroz scouted around for a pair, found it and will have it installed soon. “Only then will I consider this Jawa truly restored,” says Feroz.

It's amazing how a thoughtful gift opened new doors!

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