Chennai jeepers tread where lesser mortals fear to go

They can’t resist the lure of driving in conditions that would be the nightmare of the average motorist — hills with steep gradients, sandy river beds, slushy swamps, boulder strewn tracks… “They” are a bunch of city jeepers whose enthusiasm for off-roading has rubbed off on jeep owners around the country.

Jeep Thrills today has autonomous chapters functioning around the country. But the core group in Chennai reserves the right to crack the whip on any group that strays from the rule book.

Jeeps Thrills has a reputation for fostering high standards in a slew of activities that makes up a safe, complete off-roading experience. Great importance is attached to ‘know your jeep’ programmes where four-wheel drive machines are stripped bare and explained.

Probably because it all started in the city, members of Jeep Thrills–Chennai strive to be an example for the rest. “Jeepers from Chennai are keen on updating their skill sets, and are more prepared. This came to light during a recent multi-chapter off-roading event in Munnar. When we were stuck in the wilderness and had to spend the night out in the open, the situation became bearable because of Chennai jeepers,” says Arkaprava Datta, a founding member of the club. “They had packed food and woollen clothes — and not just for themselves.”

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