Launch: Vespa VX is aimed at customers who would like to own a scooter to run errands

The humble scooter may not be as prominent on the Indian roads today as it used to be. Its market is usurped by the motorcycle. But it seems there are still dedicated users of the scooter. Though Bajaj put a halt to its operations a few years ago, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., the company behind the Vespa, continues to do good business. In fact, it has just launched a new model, Vespa VX, in the Capital. Launched by upcoming hero Siddharth Malhotra, the scooter is not targeted at those middle-class men who use public transport to travel. Rather, it is aimed at those who have a car but would like to use a scooter for purposes like picking up grocery or dropping their kids to the school.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravi Chopra, Chairman and Managing Director, Piaggio, said “Vespa is known for its design and technology and with new colours and features, it gives a new lifestyle statement and that is what today’s youth demands. It is a premium product with premium pricing. It is a value for money product. We are not targeting the mass market.” With 95 per cent localisation, the Vespa VX is priced at Rs.71,380 (ex-showroom) in Delhi. It is offered in two distinctly different colours, Portovenere Verde (metallic green) and Vibrante Rosa (dual tone red and pink). The latter colour obviously targeted at college going girls and young women. According to the company, Vespa LX, which was launched last year, has so far sold 52,000 scooters in India so far.

The Vespa VX is powered by an advanced 4 stroke, 3 valve 125cc engine enveloped exclusively by Piaggio for the Indian market. This engine is said to be an eco-friendly, low emission and highly fuel efficient unit which delivers 60 kms to a litre. According to company brochure, the scooter is fitted with tubeless tyres for enhanced safety on the roads. A new saddle handle bar and a touch of chrome along with beige seats gives it a distinctive look.

Actor Siddharth Malhotra, speaking at the launch, recalled having driven scooters in Goa. “I hardly got a chance to drive a scooter in Delhi or Mumbai but I got a chance to drive scooters in Goa and I really loved the drive. I will try using a scooter in one of my films.” Vespa VX is not that bulky as the Bajaj and the LML scooters and looks more like a scooty. Though it is called a scooter, seemingly to attract male costumers too.


Piaggio launches Vespa VX July 4, 2013