Get a glimpse of actor John Abraham’s new love — Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2

We are about a 100km out of Mumbai city but it seems a whole world away. The road is a jet-black strip of asphalt twisting its way through a tunnel of green and the air is still. The birds’ chirping is suddenly drowned out by a menacing growl as a speck of Nero Noctis black enters the frame. The orchestra of Lamborghini’s V10 mechanicals rises to a crescendo as the LP550-2 flashes past. Behind the wheel of this raging bull, whooping with glee, is an excited little boy the world knows as John Abraham. Yes, John has a new toy in his garage and he offers to take me for a ride.

In this shoot, there is no air-conditioned vanity van or a man Friday following him with an umbrella to protect him from the sun. He has no starry airs, no demands. But when it comes to his cars and bikes, he obsesses over them.

John, who considers himself a motorcyclist at heart, wanted something that would give him the extreme rush of two wheels, on four. And he found the black Gallardo LP550-2 at the Lambhorghini showroom. The car was everything that John wanted. It was a Gallardo, and John is a Gallardo fan. It was a rear-wheel- drive car, and John loves to drive. It was perfect but for one thing — the wheels. He wanted black Calisto wheels. And what a Lamborghini owner wants, he gets.

Unfortunately, money can’t buy you the roads you need to enjoy this car in Mumbai. The carbreakers, known as speed-breakers, will happily demolish this low-slung car. So what’s the point of buying this car if you can’t enjoy it? John does not completely agree. He says, “I have driven this car from Taj Colaba to the international airport, and she has touched nowhere.”

Did he drive it on the same roads that we do? Now here’s the secret. “There’s a switch by which you can lift it up a bit. I just need to press that when approaching the speed breakers, she goes up and I take her around.” Okay, speed-breakers conquered. But what about Mumbai’s notorious traffic? John is crazy. He gets up in the wee hours of the morning to drive the car. Not just the Lambo, but all his cars and bikes! Here’s John’s confession: “I drive my Gallardo on alternate nights and she’s like my love story. I get up at two or three in the morning and take her for a drive. Then I take my bikes for a ride. This is my night affair.” John sure has some exotic company to keep him awake.

“For a six-footer like me, the car is simply awesome. The space is good and the steering excellent. And the car is brilliant in Corsa mode. I love the way the engine revs, the noise it makes and the sheer ferocity of the gearshifts,” he says.

If John Abraham has a guru, it has to be Jay Leno. He says, “I just hope I become like Jay Leno one day. I have my set of cars and motorcycles, and even Jay Leno has two Gallardos. He loves his LP550-2 and he says that for an actual car driver, it’s probably the best car you can drive.”