Your vehicle needs more than petrol to keep it in good spirits. Ever thought of giving it a body wrap?

So, you want to stand out in a crowd even when you drive a car owned by a few lakh other people in the city? Well it is not just possible but also easy. You might be driving a Maruti 800, a Wagon R or a Santro, but it is possible to give your own precious car a distinct look. All thanks to Classic Stripes. Among India's largest companies specialising in car decoration, it recently launched Autographix. It is as simple as sticking on a couple of labels, but rest assured, this is not a do-it-at-home process.

Even so, it helps your car or even motorbike stand out in the crowd, and that too without affecting your bank balance too much. Autographix offers a wide range of decorations for cars and bikes, such as Body Graphix, Thematic Graphix, Sports Series, Car Crowns, Petrol Lid Graphix, Sun Shades and Tank Protectors to cater to your style.

Besides, to give a complete makeover to your car or bike, the company provides “body wraps”. Take the Bonnet Wrap — the bonnet of the vehicle can be wrapped with any kind of design of the customer's choice. In the Partial Wrap, your car gets wrapped partially, giving it an exclusive look.

Contrast this with the Full Wrap, in which the car is given a complete wrap that can change the look of your car completely — even the shade. For example, your white car could be turned red and black, or any other shade or design of your choice. Or you could opt for the cute cartoon look with graphics of famous characters from Walt Disney. Instead of the stickers in stock, you can opt for your own customised designs as well.

The total process takes two to seven days, depending on the graphics selected, and costs vary accordingly.

At a company event recently, Sanjay Bhagat, COO of the company said, “With the changing mind-sets, the consumer is looking at an exclusive style for his automotive vehicle, with no burden on his pocket. Keeping in mind the consumer need, we are introducing a never seen before, unique style statement, ‘Smart Wraps'. Our mantra is to enable the end consumer to make a statement with their prized possession — a first time car or a faithful bike — and help them maintain its style and panache at an attractive pricing.”

The company also makes wooden dashboard kits, window films, clear shield scratch protection kits, pillar trims and door visors. The Mumbai-based company is also exporting its products to countries like the U.S., the U.K. and the Middle East.

The price starts at Rs.75 and goes up to Rs.5,000