Bentley CFS ‘Series 51' halted in the city while on an India tour

Bentley symbolises luxury, power, grandeur and style for some Indians and the British carmaker ensures that these people get to experience its latest offering — precisely why a Bentley Continental Flying Spur ‘Series 51' is being sighted on the national highways and on busy Indian roads. On a whirlwind tour, this CFS ‘Series 51' sedan has been scooping prospective customers in various cities into its spacious cabin for an altogether new Bentley experience.

The Series 51 — a set of interior and exterior designs inspired by the early masterpieces of the Bentley Styling Department, established in September 1951 and steered by the legendary John Blatchley — has further enhanced the uniqueness of the Continental Flying Spur.

Apart from the crème de la crème that has the interest and the resources to buy this stylish car, photo journalists were invited to take a look. On the landing of The Park hotel, cameras were titled at unimaginable angles to freeze the alluring aspects of this CFS ‘Series 51' machine.

The ex-showroom price of the car that came to Chennai was estimated to be Rs. 2.24 crore (in contrast to the base model, priced at Rs.1.9 crore), due to additional features, aimed at pampering the customer.

The ‘Series 51' offers 14 design options, which encompasses three-tone colour combinations in the cabin and colour choices also for the coachwork, advanced features in the touchscreen infotainment system and other changes aimed at greater comfort and aesthetic appeal.


MetroplusJune 28, 2012