Here are the cars and bikes that drove away with the ‘Autocar India' awards

In 2006 there were six cars competing for the Car of the Year award. In 2007, the number of contenders shot up to eleven. Car of the Year 2008 had 13 contenders and in 2009, the number shot up to 16. This year 20 cars were competing for the prestigious Autocar Car of the Year award. And let's not forget, the rapidly growing two-wheeler market as well. So who has won the title of the Autocar Car & Bike of the Year? Let's find out.

Car of the Year-Tata Nano

Why: The tiny, twin-cylinder four-door Nano represents a history-making attempt by Tata Motors. When the Nano was launched, people asked is it really a proper car? After all nobody in the world had ever designed and launched a car for Rs. 1 lakh. The answer is there for everyone to see, feel, drive and live it. The beauty of this car is not how much it costs, but how much it delivers for so little. The Tata Nano is a car that delivers what it promised.

Bike of the Year - Bajaj Pulsar 135LS

Why: The new Pulsar 135LS is the smallest Pulsar to date. This aggressive, smart new street machine is testimony that good things often come disguised in small packages. It is a frugal motorcycle that will not hurt your wallet despite its strong show of performance. So here is a motorcycle that looks gorgeous, is packed with features and equipment and is easy to ride.

Saloon Car of the Year - Chevrolet Cruze

Why: The Chevrolet Cruze is a car you want to own rather than need to have. Its aggressive, sharp and taut styling gives the Cruze fantastic road presence and it comes loaded with a big list of equipment.

Luxury car of the Year - Mercedes-Benz E-class

Why: The Mercedes E-Class has always been a brilliant car, but the new E350 raises the bar yet higher. Here is a Merc that upholds the brand's traditional values of solid build, over-engineering and extreme refinement, but like any modern car is also agile and fun to drive when you press on.

SUV of the Year - Toyota Fortuner

Why: When Toyota finally launched the Fortuner in India, its arrival whipped up a frenzy like no other Toyota before it. The reason is not difficult to see. It's got everything the prospective owner is looking for — road presence, strong performance, space and practicality. The way the Fortuner combines go-anywhere capability with comfort makes it an ideal all-purpose SUV.