Ford Endeavour now with some stylish features

Ford has been busy prepping the Endeavour. And, here are the results — a slightly re-styled Endeavour with some new mechanical bits.

Right on top of the wish-list of SUV owners is some butch attitude, and the Endeavour gets a very attractive nose. The high-mounted headlights and big grille give the car a less boxy look. It looks very modern and very tough. Ford, however, hasn’t changed the rear, and the car looks very similar from this angle.

On the mechanical front, the Endeavour will soon come to India with the option of a five-speed automatic version. The inclusion of shift on the fly and the improvements to the rear differential will help improve the drive experience, especially off-road.

But the best bit is that Ford has left the mechanical bits, especially that unbelievably torquey engine, unchanged.

It has 10 per cent more torque than the Toyota Fortuner, and its variable geometry turbo allows it to pull harder when you want it to. Some things as good as this are best left unchanged.

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