This Italian recipe brings in the best of prawn, vegetables and cheese. The chef asserts that prawn Milano is a toast to nutrition. For those who flip for cheese, there is more than one flavour on play here. An assortment of vegetables — zucchini, asparagus and bell peppers — not only adds to the drama on the plate, but also packs a punch, while the bread allows a change of texture.

Prawn Milano


120 gms medium-sized prawns

75 gms cheddar cheese

75 gms tomato sauce

3 bread slices

20 gms red pepper

20 gms zucchini

20 gms yellow pepper

25 gms asparagus

100 ml cream

Salt to test

5 gms garlic

A pinch of crushed black pepper

10 gms parmesan cheese

75 ml olive oil

1 lemon


Make toasts from the bread slices that are cut nicely into triangles. Make cheese sauce (mixing cheddar and cream) and apply on the toasted bread.

Cut prawn slightly from the up side. Take the toasted bread with cheese sauce and put some grated Cheddar on it. Then place the prawn on them and put in Parmesan.

Put the prawns in an oven at 220 degrees Celsius and cook for a couple of minutes. Place some sauce on the plate and keep the cooked prawns on them.

As accompaniments, grill vegetables with some olive oil, black pepper, salt and garlic.

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