White Waters in Connaught Place offers world cuisine in a soothing ambience

Whenever I am in Connaught Place I am assured of the one thing I am always concerned about whenever I am out – good food. And what can be better than a visit to a restaurant after a nice movie?

White Waters, a café and lounge located right opposite Odeon cinema in C Block on the first floor, is the ideal place for those who enjoy this combination.

After watching a movie I walked over to White Waters. The name promises calm and serenity and that’s what I felt on entering the café. A nice and spacious place with a soothing décor done mostly in white, it had couple mezzanines and private spaces for those memorable moments. But the centre of attraction at White Waters café is the 25 feet high water fall wall, even though it was not functional on the day of my visit.

Once seated in a private dining area, I asked for the menu and was quite impressed. It consisted of some popular world cuisines and some regional Indian as well. As I always start with a soup I asked for a cream of chicken and within minutes it was served. Soup was tasty and well seasoned. Its texture was thick and the chicken was tender.

I followed it with a portion of classical Caesar salad, which was nice and fresh and had the perfect amount of olives and parmesan. But a lounge is always about the starters. I started with the prawn satay which was tossed in the traditional peanut sauce and was juicy enough to enjoy. Out of the mezze I loved the kibbeh preparation.

Somehow this minced meat and bulgur delicacy impresses me a lot. I also tried my hand with dimsums.I liked the quality of the stuffing of sui mai. It was very flavourful.

As chef Imran is a local from Old Delhi I had to taste some of his signature dishes. He served me kabab Wajid Ali Shah, basically tangri with a blast of flavour. In main course I had safed maas and White Waters chicken. Safed maas was average but White Waters chicken was something special — very traditional and rich, quite similar to what I have had earlier in Old Delhi.

After all the tasty food I ended with a chocolate suicide. But it was very bitter and I had to top it with a portion of Baklava.

Meal for two:Rs.1500

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