For a happy dining experience try the steak and burger festival at Melange, Hotel Golkonda

So how do you like your steak raw, rare, medium or well done? Try the chicken steak chasseur, the fish Cajun steak or pick any from the table menu at Melange, the all day dining restaurant at Hotel Golkonda. Melange is hosting an American Burger and Steak festival, as part of Golkonda's efforts at offering world cuisine to guests through various food fests.

At the festival, guests don't just get to see their food being cooked, but also to select their meats and veggies. There are a total of eight steaks to choose from a choice of meat, fish and veggies.

To keep the festival open for vegetarians, there are a couple of vegetarian steaks like the go green steak, steak de legumes, cottage cheese steak and rainbow cottage cheese steak. Amongst all the vegetarian steaks, the one that stands out is the Go green steak, which is prepared with grated cheese and served with spicy tomato sauce.

The non-veg selection includes steak de poulet a la fungi, American surprise, fish Cajun, chicken steak chasseur and tenderloin steak. For a fish lover it has to be the Fish Cajun steak made from murrel fillets, since the menu doesn't have a choice of sea food.

In the poultry selection try the steak with mushroom sauce. The American surprise is a minced lamb steak grilled and served with devil sauce.

The steaks are made to perfection according to the diner's choice. When the guest asks for well done steak, he or she gets just that - the meat and poultry are cooked well while making sure that the meat remains juicy. The grilled veggies served with the steak are mostly bland, so a dash of Jack Daniel's sauce will only go to pep up the taste.

Finally burger lovers can choose from a choice of eight different burgers. A couple of Indian stuffings like the lamb seekh kebab, Golkonda chicken tikka burger and Apollo fish burger have also been included.

The fest ends on July 5.